Dungeon Master Java NewGFX-Project introduction

Hello, here you can get full graphic addons for the game Dungeon Master Java, written by Alan Berfield.

Almost all original images used for the games graphic appearance are replaced by me.
There are two new sets of wall-tiles, new portraits, floor- and ceiling images, weapon-, tree-, monster-images
and more. At this time i didn´t offer complete dungeons for playing by myself.
It´s up to you to create some new dungeons! Anyway, i can upload your Dungeons here.

Dungeon Master Java is a remake of the classic game Dungeon Master from FTL (FasterThanLight).
It is entirely written in Java, and runs on Windows as well as on other platforms such as Linux.
Unfortunately, Alan Berfield has stopped support and development in early 2003 (except the Mac- Version).
But he has given the sourcecode of the game to the public.

 I have read about some people who make efforts to rewrite and enhance the original sourcecode
      and make it compatible with the newer Java-Environments! It will be cool if someone really come up with
      real results.. still hoping *g* I can host your files here if you want.. so keep on coding
->  Send me an email then !.

Here is a link to Alan Berfields site :

All necessary files for play are there, as well as the sourcecode and some Editor Docs to learn how to
set things up. There are some very interesting sites around Dungeon Master ( and DMJava ). If you are interested,
take a look at the great Site Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia :

There you will find any information about and around Dungeon Master and its clones, plus many other rpgs.
Next is a link to a good Forum belonging to all topics about this game type:

If you have any questions, post them at first there !

What do i need to run DMJava ?

At first, you need an installed Java runtime 1.4. You can download this at Sun´s Java 1.4 Website :
The newest Java runtime series - J2SE 5.0 - did not work properly with DMJava 1.05 !
But you can install J2SE 1.4 and J2Se 5.0 beside each other, so this won´t be a big problem yet.
Next get the binaries for the game - v1.05 from Alan´s site. Get the right package for your operating system
and unpack all files.
You can get the windows binary package dmjava 1.05 directly from my site: Downloadpage
After unpacking, change into DMJava folder. ( CD ..). With Linux use your console.
Type : java dmnew, and for the editor, java dmeditor.
If you use Windows, try the same. open CMD, Change into the DMJava folder, and as above.
If nothing happened, create a text-file within the folder. Name it 'dmnew.bat' . In this file you have to
write these lines ( ! Look after the path to your Java installation, if it is the same as here ! ):
"C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_12\bin\javaw.exe" -cp . DMNew   OR, if it did not function ->
"C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_12\bin\java.exe" DMnew
That should do the job. Now you can play by doubleclicking the *.bat startfile !.

BTW.. there are some ready dungeons out in the web.:
The original Dungeon Master Dungeon
The Chaos strikes Back Dungeon
And both Eye of the Beholder I & II Dungeons. (I canīt find any link to these, but fortunately i have copies of them!
You can download them on the Donloadpage too !

Soo...think thats it. Have fun with this stuff ! 

Downloadpage for NewGFX ..