Dungeon Master Java NewGFX-Project help

DMJava is a creation of Alan Berfield and friends. Some images in this packages are based on
original artwork created by Alan Berfield, Jorg Nieberg and Adam Garland.
Portrait images based on various free sources out in the Internet and are reworked for DMJava by me.
Some images based on free 3D-Models from 3dcafe.com and a few other recources i cant find anymore.

You can use and / or alter all images except the portrait-images (a few could be copyrighted..) for free.
But if you use them in your project, put me (Ralf Hinrichsen , rh.hinne@t-online.de) in your credits.

If you think that i have to write some more about copyrights and such stuff..  drop me a mail.
Just start the DMJ_NewGFX_v1_Install.exe and choose the correct path to your DMJava root-folder.
( who contains all the folders..dungeons, heroes, maps.. ), i.e.: C:\dmjava\

Other Operating Systems:
Unpack the DMJ_NewGFX_v1.zip to your DMJava Installation or unpack at another location and copy by hand.
For you guys i guess you pros really know how to do that. 
I have put the standard dark-grey wallset in the base ' maps ' folder of DMJava and so it is used as
the ' major" ' tileset.

The folder 'maps-green' contains the wood-stone wallset.
Both folders contains all necessary files and all xtras, so you don´t have to copy around anymore.

Iīve created some different background (floor/ceiling)images. I put them in an extra folder 'backgrounds'.
If you want to use one of them, rename the related image to "back.gif" and copy it to the 'maps' folder by
overwrite the old " back.gif ". As default the grey wallset uses "back-grey.gif"
and 'maps-green' uses "back-woodstone.gif". They are backupīd in the 'backgrounds' folder.

If you are going to build outdoor levels with trees, use one of this backgrounds ( dont forget to rename! ):

I have no complete Dungeon included, only an example dungeon. Try to create one by yourself. Look at
 Alan Berfieldīs site for the editor documentation to learn how to create a dungeon. Or get the same
tutorial as PDF-document here under downloads !

bug! It could happen that display errors occur through the use of the new spell-image "poison.gif". This is
now an Animated gif ! If you have problems with the poison spell, replace the new image with the old one.

If you create a new monster in the editor, type only the first part of the picture series name.
Otherwise it did not work! I.e.: for ghost-xxxx.gif type 'ghost'
Many thanks to Alan and all people involved for creating this game !