Dungeon Master Java NewGFX-Project downloads

 Well, here are all DMJava related files. Now i have removed the old partial files, because all of them are
collected in both newer files DMJ_NewGFX_v1_Install.exe and DMJ_NewGFX_v1.zip. So one of these files
is really all what you need for the new graphic sets.
The file DMJ_NewGFX_v1_Install.exe is a self-installing exe for M$Windows. You can get DMJ_NewGFX_v1.zip
if you want to install by hand or if you use a better operating system such as Linux ;)

 You can download some Dungeons and the editor tutorial in pdf- format as well as the DMJava sources.

 FilelinkFileinfoSize  Date  
 dmj_105_java_sourcecode.tgz dmj_105_java_sourcecode.tgz393 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_105_java_sourcecode.zip dmj_105_java_sourcecode.zip440 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_batchfiles_to_start.zip dmj_batchfiles_to_start.zip Fileinfos Info1 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_dungeon_csb_original.zip dmj_dungeon_csb_original.zip Fileinfos Info358 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_dungeon_dm_original.zip dmj_dungeon_dm_original.zip Fileinfos Info233 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_dungeon_dormalon.zip dmj_dungeon_dormalon.zip Fileinfos Info64 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_dungeon_eye_of_beholder_1.zip dmj_dungeon_eye_of_beholder_1.zip Fileinfos Info4560 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_dungeon_eye_of_beholder_2.zip dmj_dungeon_eye_of_beholder_2.zip Fileinfos Info12368 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_newgfx_v1.zip dmj_newgfx_v1.zip Fileinfos Info16477 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmj_newgfx_v1_install.exe dmj_newgfx_v1_install.exe Fileinfos Info13743 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmjava105_binaries.exe dmjava105_binaries.exe12854 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 dmjava_editor_guide.pdf dmjava_editor_guide.pdf209 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016
 sun_java_jre_142_12_win.exe sun_java_jre_142_12_win.exe15850 Kb Upload : 10.10.2016